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Our ammenities include, The Station Restaurant, lounge, casino, convenience store, gas station.  We also provide handicapped accessibility, air conditioning, wireless Internet access and a friendly no Smoking Atmosphere.

We've been serving burgers since 1984, making us the the oldest eatery in Philipsburg. We cook up over 2 tons of fresh hamburgers annually. The "Free Drink Every Day the Sun Doesn't Shine" policy draws the thirsty from everywhere to test their luck against Old Sol.  We host the Annual Philipsburg Barbeque Rib Challenge and give Sparky's Ghost Grill a home!  We just know Sparky's comin' home someday. 



Clients Reviews

  • Julian Ricci

    " It easy to say that anything one decides to eat from the large and diverse menu at the Station is guarenteed to be terrific. The warm hospitality and friendly service make the atmosphere sparkle and the food taste the more delicious. There's definately plently of Sunshine at the Station. Simply statisfying right down to the last bite. "

  • Lauralee West

    " I am thrilled to say the food at the Station is exceptional and simply delicious. A large selection to choose from with generous portions that would fill even the heartiest of appetites. All made and served by a kind, friendly and caring team of food service professionals. See you there! "

  • Tim Allen

    " If an authentic and hearty pizza pie is what your craving then, look no further than the Sunshine Station to statisfy your appetite. I just can't get enough of the Motherloade. Made with fresh and generous portions of toppings it's a delight that sure to keep you coming back for more. "

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